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Google Drive Pipes

I was a little bit sick over the weekend and each time I'm sick there's this one night when I cannot sleep and lay awake seeing some weird colorful shapes and structures (don't judge me because of my fever)...

This time, however, it actually made sense so I started on an HTML5 <canvas> prototype of what I saw the night before. The idea is creating automated workflows for Google Drive documents by using a mechanism similar to the one used for the piping system in the Minecraft mod pack "Tekkit" (or Technic in single player).

I'm not sure though if this is something Google Drive users actually want/need. It might be a good basis for creating a game out of it though. ;)

In any case it's a lot of fun playing around with <canvas> again...

screenshot of pipe system visualization screenshot of pipe system visualization

#sickness #weekend #googledrive #workflow #minecraft #tekkit #HTML5