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Bachelor thesis: Browsers and their influence on the evolution of the web

Bachelor Thesis

in the degree course Computer Science
University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien

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It is impossible to imagine a modern computer without a browser. Since the creation of the World Wide Web there were events which changed the history of both significantly. From the origin of the web to the first browser war between Microsoft and Netscape and the ensuing era of Internet Explorer 6 to the beginnings of the prevailing, second browser war, it has ever been a back and forth when it came to forming the web to how we know it today. The question which arises from that is, however, how much browsers truly influenced the evolution of the web or whether even the web possibly influenced the evolution of browsers. This is the central question behind this work. It will be answered by combining current figures on market shares of the respective browsers and statements from influential personalities like Steve Jobs, Eric Schmidt and Mitchell Baker, as well as the opinions of two Austrian entrepreneurs, who report on their experiences with the web.
Additionally, this work gives a short outlook based on facts, opinions and trends on how browsers will evolve.


Browser, World Wide Web, Browser War, Web Standards, Browser Market


Executed by Thomas Greiner
Date: 01/15/2012
Scope: 63 pages

#Browser #WorldWideWeb #BrowserWar #WebStandards #BrowserMarket