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Advanced Password Protection

Dear PanicButton users,

I know that some of you guys want me to improve the password protection feature because you are afraid that someone might go and change PanicButton's password.
And even though I explained that the sole purpose of that feature is to prevent you from accidentically restoring your tabs I am willing to respect your wish. But before I do that I challenge you to prove that there are enough people out there who want an advanced password protection for PanicButton. So here is the deal:

"If you accomplish to get my follower count on Twitter to over 200 and/or have enough people on Twitter say something like 'I want the #AdvancedProtection for #PanicButton for Chrome @ThomasGreiner' I will include an advanced password protection in the next update a few days after reaching that goal."

Please remember that this is only a suggestion. Just show me that there are enough users out there who want this feature.

-Thomas Greiner

Advanced Password Protection is available to all PanicButton users using version 0.13 and up