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Project: PanicButton - Hiding tabs in Chrome

Since the Häkchen page hasn't been accessible for roughly a week now, I temporarily put my energy into a different project.

PanicButton is an extension for Google Chrome with which you can hide all tabs at once and also restore them.

The extension can be found at the following link in the Google Chrome extension library:

The functionality resembles a clipboard's "Cut and Paste". By clicking on the red PanicButton all tabs will be closed, saved as bookmarks in a separate "temporary Panic" folder in Chrome's "Other bookmarks" and a "New Tab" page will be opened. After that the PanicButton changes its color to green and a number on the logo displays how many tabs have been hidden.

Clicking on the green PanicButton will open all tabs again and remove the bookmarks folder. Additionally, the PanicButton turns red again.
There's also a gray PanicButton which is shown on Chrome-specific pages (e.g. "New Tab" page). A click on it gets you to the settings of the PanicButton which, however, have not been integrated so far.

More information about this extension is available on the official page of the PanicButton: